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Exchange rates

This graph shows the latest behavior of the exchange rate to your destination country, to help you make the decision.

It is always a good time to send money to the beloved ones.

XPS 247 is the best option for money remittance.

You can always track your remittance.

At all times you know where your transaction is, and you get an alert as soon as the money gets into the beneficiary bank account, or picks up the money, if pick up option is available and was your choice.

How to send money from NJ and IL in the US to other countries

Step 1

Choose destination, amount and get the rate

Step 2

Fill sender and beneficiary information

Step 3

Verify information and pay to send

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We Care forSafety

  • Here some of the measures adopted to make the remittance process as safe as possible.
  • Digital certificate to protect our customers.
  • VPN for the safe traffic of information over the web.
  • 2 factor authentication to increase customer safety.
  • Adoption of top safety features like 3DSecure, Secure code, ApplePay and AndroidPay.
  • We keep updating and adjusting to the top available technologies to provide the safest service.

Our support team is here for you

We use the top available technology to make the remittance experience nice and friendly, However, we provide you a support team, trained to direct or fix issues you migh have.

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New Jersey - NJ

Illinois - IL

Washington - WA (soon)